GOOD NEWS!! The Bridal dresses sale is on!!!!

There is a big clearance of our sample dresses in store, up to 90% off original price. Well-made wedding gowns reduced from a couple of thousand dollars to $100 - $900. Make an appointment NOW if you are interested, do not miss out the last chance :)

Sew Master Fashions also provides consultation on the fit of the dress, we do alterations in the work room built inside the shop, it is your one stop bridal shop for a perfect wedding dress. 


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 Champagne wedding dress with lace bodice for $580, reduced from $2380.

Champagne wedding dress with lace bodice for $580,
reduced from $2380.


Super Sale on Wedding dresses

Sew Master Fashions is organising a super sale over 400 wedding dresses in 2 to 3 week time, they are up to 90% off. 

Stunning gowns starting from $100.

Contact us if you are interested in the super sale, you will able to come in to see our collection in advance if you leave us your contact details below, we will keep you posted. 

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Wedding dress sale

Custom made Bridal dress

Do you have a dress in mind? Or you have visited all Bridal shop but couldn't found what exactly you like? If yes, Sew Master Fashions is here for you, we are here to do custom made Bridal dress, we make a dress from scratch, we do not prefer to copy a dress exactly from a brand or others, we would like to work with you to create your unique Bridal dress. 

This is an order we are now making for Mi, she knows what she likes but she couldn't found what exactly she wants from the shops. Then she comes to us and spoken to our in-store designer, so we get to understand her background, her preference, the wedding and work out some designs by sketches. We also like the Bride to be involved in the working process, they are free to make changes on the little detail on their preference.


wedding dressmaking in process
custom made bridal dress

Perfect Mermaid

Many girls are in love with the Mermaid style of Wedding dress, it is fitted on the body and flare out on the bottom. A well-fitted Mermaid wedding dress flattering your body, create a beautiful curve. This style of dress is more mature, sophisticated and romantic.

To make a perfect Mermaid dress is to ensure the bust, waist and hip are fitted into your body, and the bottom of dress is flare enough, if not you can not see a good Mermaid shape. However, a fit and flare gown is hard to pull off for most women, a classic silhouette that I don't think will ever go out of style.

Our beautiful bride, Clare,  found her dress is not flare enough, so she came to us to add more supporting tulle on the bottom layer of the dress, to make it stick out more. See, it is now a beautiful Mermaid standing in front of us. 

Let us know if you found the dress you have not fitted you perfectly, we are always happy to work together to create a perfect look on your wedding dress. If you are not sure, don't worry, we do not mind to give you suggestion on the dress, even you are not yet ready to put in the order. 

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mermaid wedding dress
 We added extra layer of tulle under the dress for Clare, to create a perfect Mermaid look. 

We added extra layer of tulle under the dress for Clare, to create a perfect Mermaid look. 

Zip up VS Lace up

 This is a dress we removed zip at the back and added a lace up panel to expend the dress for a client.   

This is a dress we removed zip at the back and added a lace up panel to expend the dress for a client.


 Another finished job. 

Another finished job. 

Were you planned to lose some weight and fit into your Wedding dress before the wedding but failed? A dress you love but it's too tight for you? No worries, we can alter it to fit by adding a lace up panel at the back.

Lace up back look absolutely gorgeous, and it provided a flexibility when it comes to sizing, you may tighten the dress for the ceremony, pictures shooting and loosen it slightly to eat and dance, it's more comfortable to wear.

And also, the dress will stretch naturally throughout the night, and you might feel it loosen, then you are able to tighten it, but you can not do that to the one with the zipper at the back. 



Custom made Bridal gowns

Custom made bridal gowns

In our Bridal dressmaking service, we provide our clients with better quality, flexibility in its design and material. Our in-shop Bridal gown designer is keen to work out a Bridal gown that suits your personality and preferences. Our Bridal dresses are unique and reliable, and also our experienced tailor will make sure the dress fits you perfectly before it leaves the shop. 

We are located in Brisbane city, walk in today and have our experts’ give you the services you want, and you deserve. 

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Bridal Couture Brisbane: Bridal dressmaking

custom made bridal dresses

There are a lot of bridesmaids dresses online, a lot of style to choose from, but the quality of it is not guarantee. I believe there is a common experience for many of you that the dresses you bought online are not exactly liked what you have pictured, and the fitting is not what you expected, it was too long, too short, too big or too small.... That's why, it is good to have your dresses custom made, the idea of having your dresses custom make for your event is that you can customise your interests of the style/ colour/ material on the dress.

Sew Master Fashions is here assists you custom making the dress that you have got in mind, you can get your dress made from scratch. We are looking after the design, material, fitting, and the final alterations of the dress. There is the one off price for everything, you do not need to worry about the fit of it, we do the measurement in person, and fitting locally. In this case, it helps to budget your event accurately without over spending.